Take Care of a Wildlife Issue Quickly and Effectively By Hiring a Wildlife Removal Company

Hire a professional wildlife removal company in Omaha, Papillion, & Lincoln, NE

Wildlife can cause a lot of damage around your property. Thankfully, you can remove unwanted wildlife quickly when you get professional wildlife removal services with Borland Wildlife Solutions.

We'll come out to your home or business in Omaha, Papillion, or Lincoln, NE to remove wildlife. We'll also decontaminate your attic and set up bat and bird deterrents to prevent wildlife from returning.

Why choose Borland Wildlife Solutions?

Whether you need a nuisance wildlife inspection or humane wildlife removal, you want to make sure the company you hire does a thorough job. You can feel confident when you work with our team because we:

  • Rely on over six years of experience
  • Provide wildlife and bat removal services
  • Follow up with our clients to make sure the problem is solved
  • Offer drone wildlife inspection services, so we can inspect hard-to-see areas

Don't wait to get wildlife inspection services. Call 402-413-2287 today to set up an appointment with our Christian company.

Take care of your wildlife issue without financial stress

We believe that professional wildlife removal services shouldn't cause financial strain. That's why we offer payment plans. Just pay 50% of the bill up-front and pay the rest in small increments throughout the next few months.

You can pay as little as $50 a month with no interest. Everyone qualifies for our payment plans, and no application is necessary. Reach out to us today to learn more.